About us

Who we are?

Artoholix Ltd is the first art and craft livestreaming e-commerce platform in the UK that seamlessly blends artistic creations and commerce. It focuses on giving the global audience unprecedented access to exclusive art and craft products and courses created by their favourite artists. Based in the UK, its goal is to provide an all-in-one platform for art and craft creators and enthusiasts. the platform aims to put digital art and craft creators in front of a vast online audience while still allowing the creators to respond to the audience on a one-on-one level.

The platform offers many exclusive tools and features to the creators that allow them to have a deeper engagement with their audience. This not only allows the art and craft enthusiasts to have easy access to the appealing art and craft pieces created by their favourite artists but also helps in maintaining cultural pluralism.

What sets up apart?

Artoholix offers a custom multi-vendor marketplace specially designed for emerging artists who want to promote their works and for art lovers who would like to purchase artwork. It enables emerging and budding artists to show off their talents on a global platform. Artoholix has a long- term vision to become the first art and craft live streaming e-commerce platform seamlessly blending artistic creations and commerce, giving its global audience unparalleled access to exclusive art products and training from their favourite artists. The platform has a mission of enabling creators in the art and craft community, to leverage the power of live media to monetise their skills.


Although Artoholix has Art and Craft at its core, it translates into many individual art and craft categories like painting, drawing, sculpting, pottery making, jewellery designing, home décor etc. This means there is room for every kind of art and craft lover, that too from anywhere in the world.

So, browse the list of numerous creators and artists & jump into their live stream sessions to have a unique experience of connecting with art and crafts creation.